Magnet Crusher

Master the magnetic force to fend off waves of enemies in this fast-paced arcade game. With only two magnets and a puck, you’ll need to control your speed to destroy any incoming threats. Be quick, be precise and survive !

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Adventure Mode

Complete all 40 levels spread throughout 4 different worlds.
Master these levels to unlock secret stages for some special rewards.
Prepare to face even bigger challenges during intense boss fights.

Arcade Mode

Beat all enemies one after another and resist different waves. Will you survive long enough to appear on the leaderboard among the best players of the week?
And why not shoot for the all-time leaderboard?

Survival Mode

Enemies keep appearing, and they are more and more dangerous, how long can you resist?
Will you be able to stay calm and focused to survive long enough to get help and powers?

Play Magnet Crusher on Twitch with your viewers

Do you stream on Twitch? Try our survival mode with your viewers. They can make it harder for you, but they can also help you. You will finally be able to know who deserves to be VIP (or banned).
And maybe you will even be at the top of the streamer rankings?

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